Vanlife in Mammoth

I just got back from two days in Mammoth after a small storm (5" up top). Its been a lean winter in the Sierra so far but I have to say the skiing overall has been good-you just have to search for it. For instance, the backcountry in the Mt. Rose area has been surprisingly good in the north and east facing aspects up high.

My quick run to Mammoth was no exception, although set up underneath, the off-piste was deep enough and windblown in off the Gondi and chair 23 for some good turns. The temps were cold and the snow blower.  I skied the groomers with my dad for a bit before I went off in the mad search for pow. But the corduroy was fast and fun on a pair of K2 Konic ti84's!

This was my first night in the van with my Propex heater working flawlessly keeping me so toasty (and a my big fat lab Obi) on a 12 degree night I woke up in a sweat. At some point I'll write about my tribulations and (operator error) in installing the heater itself. But I will say with great joy I slept extremely comfortable on a memory-foam mattress in 65 degrees all night. And it was to maybe even greater satisfaction to come in out of the cold with the van at the same temp after skiing in the morning on a 16 degree day.


neil morse