Day of Show Schedule

If you want to learn something while at the show...


10:30 AM

Opus off-road tent trailers will be starting off

by demonstrating the features and set-up of

their unique trailer design.


11:00 Bob Wholers


Remote Backcountry Communications

During this presentation you will learn:

• About the three categories of signaling for help in the backcountry.

• How to use near-location signaling devices.

• The differences between the five far-location electronic communication devices.

• How to select the correct satellite communication device for you.


11:30 AM

Adventure Wagon-Product Demo: "We needed something big to fit our bikes, skis and surfboards. We also needed extra seats so we could bring our friends, and extra beds in case we didn’t have time to find a place to set up camp. A ceiling storage system was also important, so that we had an out-of-the way & easy-to-reach place to stow a ton of gear."



Hunter RMV-Check out the giant rig! (I'm a kid, I can't help it!) the builder (Keith) will be on hand to talk about this specially designed adventure vehicle. Please find out where you put the skis....



Tailgater Tire Table


Bob Wohlers 2PM


Safely and Effectively Using the Hi-Lift Jack

During this presentation you will learn:

• If you need a Hi-Lift Jack.

• The utility of the Hi-Lift Jack.

• About Hi-Lift Jack accessories

• How to safely lift a vehicle with the Hi-Lift Jack.